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What is it?? :)

I seem to be infected by a file (.DAT) that's named Syncguid and definitely no letter 'e' at the end.

It has been copying its self on to any pen drive or hard drive (internal and external) that's plugged into my laptop. I can't seem to permanently delete it either as it just comes back next time round.

It certainly seems to be astro related. I have heaps of astro software but which one is it? Any one know?

It's not really a big deal but it's just been bugging me (no pun intended) for a while now.

Any clues?



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I'm going to guess that you have a HP laptop ?

If so I'm pretty sure it's part of the HP Quicksync software thats bundled with it.

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It's a sync file related to media IIRC - (possibly iPod/iPad related?)

GOM Encoder does this for a fact, do you have that installed?

If you're overly worried about it, try submitting the file (one of them) to Norton of McAfee's online virus checkers - I suspect it's harmless though.

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Ditto with Kh3ldar, also as it is a .dat file it is unlikely to be able to carry a malicious 'payload'.


posted on av forum :-

I believe this is a function of GOMlab's GOM Encoder video encoder. It uses the .dat file to keep track of what has been synchronized with removable media devices (like iPods etc).

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