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Transit Shadow

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i have just been taking a look at the transit through all the condensation! I also saw those two barges on the other belt you are talking about. considering the moisture and mist in the air got a pretty good view!

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My view is fantastic, the best for a while, no boiling not much in and out fuzz either and yes the barges are very clear. What a fantastic week I am having!

I might force myself to stay up all night as it is Friday tomorrow.

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Hi, I have just been looking at Jupiter as well. The best view I have seen of it in a long time. The shadow of Io was lovely and sharp and the bands seemed much darker than I have seen before.

I've had to drag myself away from the telescope as I have work in the morning, so enjoy the view you lucky folks who can stay up later.

Liz :)

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Just got back from the second night on the trot of looking at Jupiter. Lovely views tonight, although the view did go on and off a bit and so mild - could get used to this.

Tried a few scopes, but the 16" Meade seemed to give the best results, even from quite early and low.

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