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Please ignore this post.


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Yes, thanks for the reminder, perrin6. I would like to pull this thread back on topic and ask members to respect the OP. Please only post replies that ignore the first post.

Thank you.

[sigh] yet another example of heavy handed moderation on this forum. If people want to ignore replies to the OP then why shouldn't they? Where's our freedom of speech? This is how the nazis got into power!!!!!!!

I think I have to go outside and stamp on some ants now.

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Damn, I was ignoring it so hard I forgot all about it until looknig on here again, when I saw the "ignore this thread" title and had to ignore it all over again.

When fo you reckon the "please ignore this request for donations to SGL" thread will appear?

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Well this evening I've done M57, M15, M31, M71, M27, Coathanger; doubled - Albireo(very pretty orange/yellow and blue), eta and zeta Lyrae,,

all whilst ignoring this ,,, oh drat! ,,, done it again.

All very enjoyable :)

You are a rotten lot ! chortle !!

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