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Mount for 12" Newtonian


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I'm thinking about getting an Orion optics CT12 for visual and astro imaging. Weight of tube is 15kg, Rings 2kg assume by the time everything else is dded on it will be ~20kg.

Is this at the limit for the NEQ6 Pro Synsccan?

What is the appropriate mount for astroimaging this weight of telescope?


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Hi, Glyn,

I have the OO VX12 on an NEQ6. No way would I use a guidescope too, so have an OAG to keep the weight down. Even then, I have 3 by 5.1kg counterweights,

The NEQ5 is prone to wind affecting it, but is dome mounted, so not such an issue for me.

On a previous discussion thread, we have been talking about the OO OC1 focusser. Mine is OK, but I would not get it again. I didn't realise I could get anything fitted I like, so would probably specify a moonlite, or possibly push for a 3" version to beef everything up. (Maybe the OO OC2?)

I got the 1/10 wave mirror and it was such a good upgrade for the VX12. Your CT comes with the 1/10 wave as std.

Enjoy !


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Remember that you want to be a bit below the weight limit of the mount, you may run into trouble if you hit the weight limit of the mount. Im guessing if you are using a 12" newt your mount needs to be very accurate along with the guidescope. A G11 sounds good, no less than a EQ6, good luck:)

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As JohnnyD333 says, balance is critical. And yes, without any reason, we do get quite a few failed image frames.

I am sure I am on the absolute weight limit for imaging... If only I had a few grand more to spend on the mount...

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I have a neq6 myself and with 10" OTA and all the shabang added I am hitting 15kg....even at this weigh I have to use 3rd weigh for balancing.but honestly wouldn't imagine how would you do imaging with 20kg payload....as my set up in my opinion is just on the limit of the mount.

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