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Jupiter, Canon 450d, lens 55-200, nothing else.


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Well I was just playing with my camera and tried to see what I could possibly see looking at Jupiter. I focused on a small light in my garden then played with the Live-view and zoomed in and out, then I shot a couple at 10 sec ISO1600 and this is what I got.

I have touched it up in PS, levels-Hue-Saturation-contrast. Is it my eyes or can I make our the coloured swirls going around the surface, or just wishful thinking on my part.

jupiter 1.tif

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I'm very sorry Pat... but that just looks very out of focus.

For the image to be that size on an SLR chip (based on the pixel count of the image), you're gonna have to be hitting a very, very long focal length. An SLR at about 1.5m focal length, can just about get the two main equatorial cloud bands. At about 200mm, I'd expect to barely get a few pixels covered by the planet, and no way to get any details out of it.

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JGS001, I thank you for your honesty, I never thought of it being out of focus. Well JGS001 back to the drawing board, thats what I like about this forum, the knowledge I gain from good people like yourself is invaluable.

Thank you once again JGS001.

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