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How to start an Astronomical Society?

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Congratulations sir,on a job very well accomplished, through dedication and tenacity. I hope it continues to grow, and eventually see you with an observatory as your HQ. Your Orkney skies must be pristine.

Best Wishes.


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Great stuff Michael. Really glad that Howie was able to weave you into his winter festival programme. Steve Owens and Martin Henry will be two hard acts to follow but great people to have on your side. If you are looking for help with speakers just give us a shout and I can probably give you some contacts.


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Don't forget Stargazing Live is coming up and that should bring in some interest.

We've organised a couple of talks and equipment displays in association with the local library to coincide with SG Live over here. :)

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Congratulations, I've been watching this thread with interest. Often fancied a holiday in Orkney (having made a day trip there about 15 years ago whilst on a Scottish tour) as I am into wildlife and birwatching as well as Astronomy. So with an Astronomy aspect to it, I might well consider this for a holiday in the not too distant future.

Do post up your website link once it is all up and running.


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Don't forget if you want a social group section within SGL to let me know :) and I'll sort it out!

Good luck



Is there any members in the Crystal palace South London area that meet?

Thank you

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Thank you I know of the Croydon one but was hoping one a bit closer.

Thank you

I had a look at your pictures very impressive, I have just absorbed my self in the the wonders of the solar system could not put it down!

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Just let you known we still have open committee positions and still looking for members for Cheshunt & Enfield Telescope Club

I was at the Hub in London doing bit networking and they is video's on the Enfield Telescope facebook page

People was very nice and helpful and also meet one or two of you on this SGL

Thank you for your help and see at http://www.astronomynow.com/astrofest

If i get time off work


Chestnut / Enfield Telescope Club.

New Website


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