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Hi, I'm considering buying a refractor for wide-field DSO photography. I've seen the SW Equinox 66 Pro on FLO and wondered if this would be a sensible investment or if greater aperture would pay more dividends if I save a while longer?

Would the 66, say, have any serious advantages over my 100-300 f5.6 Canon lens? If not, would it be sensible to use the camera lens instead?

Any help gratefully received.

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Piers, I don't know the 66... but I'd like one myself. With imaging, the aperture is actually less important (well... it still affects resolution of course) for light gathering, than the focal ratio. The 66 being f/6 is pretty good. The Canon lens you mention, at f/5.6 is a little faster, but camera lenses tend to operate better when stopped down a bit. It also depends on the quality of the lens in question. Looking about on the web, it looks quite good for resolving power, but CA looks higher than others. As you have the lens, why not try it out and see how you get on, then you can make a decision on whether the 66 would be a better bet.

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Sorry Piers, I bought that one yesterday and there's no more left :p

I bought the 66 because I will be using a small chip Atik 314L with it. I toyed long and hard over the advantages of the Equinox 66 and the Canon 300/4 lens. Eventually the scope won out.

If you are using a DSLR camera, I would personally go for a 80ED scope as I think you get a more favourable field of view.

In answer to your question though - Was there a reason I picked the scope over the camera lens? I think it was predominantly for ease - I do find the camera lens are harder to focus. My 300/4 gave me a pleasing image at f/5.6. I also thought about my current set up and decided that with a scope I could use the Atik and I could still piggyback the Canon with the camera lens if I wanted.

I think perhaps it is all down to your setup and what you want to achieve. I also had a spare dual bar that I thought I could use - Oh so many reasons that won't necessarily be right for you.

Sorry, I've not really answered your question, just waffled about my new scope!!!

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