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The Moon in Phases - A project

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I really like coloured moons, but I'll buck the trend here. I prefer the first with the sun. For me, the sun pulls it all together nicely as it is the sun that provides the light afterall. I also think that the sun colour gives it something that I find a little lacking in the coloured moon shot

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I knew there was something nagging at me about the image but I've only just figured out what it was lol

I've just noticed that you have a very small clockwise rotational error between 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock i.e the top moon isn't directly over the moon at the bottom.

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Thanks guys.. I see what you mean Kev... I like it... I can sort that.. I've still got the 650Mb file with layers in... I used guidelines to line it all up too :)

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for a high quality print you can consider using 150-200 ppi so even at 6000px x 6000px you could easily print the image out to 30" x 30". I think the final image would look brilliant with a 28 day clock mechanism behind it.

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I managed to scale one moon image to fit behind at full resolution. Obviously it'll have lost some detail but as it's faded out, I don't think that'll be a problem, and as you say Kev, printed out smaller then full will help a lot. I've not had a chance to post it yet though. I agree Kev a clock mech would be great.

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