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Out to-nite

robbie c

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just come in, a shame as its still as clear as a bell.quite a night really, the drift alignment went fairly well it will need some more work tomorrow.

first serious attempt at dso imaging and managed to capture a few half decent dso images.

the alignment is still a bit off restricted to 30 sec subs at the moment,but got 6 of the ring, and Andromeda.

got the mak out and imaged Jupiter for the last hour and got a quick pic of Albireo.

i almost forgot, i am sure i saw my first iridium flare around 8-9pm just above ursa major

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Finally had a good enough image of Jupiter last night to be able to muck about with high magnification. I had a 10mm EP (120x) with a 2x Barlow (240x) in my Orion self centring adapter and the lens element form my 2" ED Barlow (420x) screwed into the bottom of that, a total of 420x.

Cracking view around midnight, even two of the moons presented as steady disks, I am very pleased, although with the standard focuser on the SW 250P DS I was left with about 2mm of in focus left, I think I found the limit of possible mag combination for this scope, maybe a little more could be had with a low profile focuser? Has some good views of several DSOs earlier in the night too, and the tracking was tip top to boot.

Good night all round.

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