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I'm running Sky Safari on my iPhone and finding it works very well, but I'm looking to confirm something that's puzzling me.

Am I right in thinking that that the two numbers in the top right of the display (e.g. 2.3 x 3.0) are the field of view as represented onscreen? If so, is the idea that I can then zoom in/out as appropiate on the display to replicate the field of view in my eyepiece and therefore get the best representation of what I should actually being seeing in my scope?

Also, can I do anything to the Sky Safari display on my iPhone so that it matches the mirror image created on my refractor by the diagonal? I'm struggling sometimes to match the star map with the view in my scope.

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I would say you are right about the first point. I tested that by making the Moon fill the screen and the figures were consistent with 30' diam and then I put the zenith at the top of the screen and horizon at the bottom and it showed around 90 deg.

I cannot see how to get a mirror image apart from using a mirror.

Moon HD does allow inversion and left/right flip which I find very useful.


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Yes the two figures are the horizontal and vertical field of view and they're absolutely invaluable especially when using the finder, when I just tend to set the horizontal figure to 5 degrees.

In Sky Safari you cannot replicate a mirror-image view. It is, in my opinion, the app's only major omission and I'm surprised it's never been addressed in an update. You can get that feature in Starmap Pro, but Sky Safari is still the better app of the two over all.


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