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New scope ordered...


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Unlike the others, I AM jealous. That is some serious kit, the likes of which i can't ever see myself owning as long as i'm with the missus. :p

The sooner i can get a scope, get her outside and hooked, the sooner i can start planning for scopes like yours ;)

Congrats, and have fun!

There IS an alternative. And you get a new patio to boot!

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Thanks all!

Should be arriving early next week... sure to be just as this Indian summer comes to an end.

I got married earlier in the summer and I have to say my wife's been VERY understanding. I did think it best to get the ordering done while we're still in our "honeymoon" period though, just in case! :-)

Really looking forward to seeing what this can do on Jupiter since it will be big and bright and high in the sky and also on some of the smaller DSOs like the ring nebula. Will also be good to have a mount capable of holding my 10" Newt for imaging though at this point I am not sure I'll hold on to that scope as we are a bit challenged with telescope storage space at home!

I'll certainly let you know how I get on with it. I did a lot of agonizing over this. Wasn't sure if the Edge HD scope was worth the extra money over the standard C11, ditto the DX version of the mount, havered between the extra app of the 11" versus the better portability of the 9.25, and I even thought I might give up on the SCT idea altougher and look for a reaonably sized apo instead.

Anyway, I'll let you all know how I get on with first light.

Cheers, Ian

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Nice purchase, good luck with it. Going to hyper star it ?

Not right away. Pretty expensive business and f/2 doesn't seem to be the optimal speed. I think it more likely that I'll get an f/3.3 focal reducer (for a tenth the price of fastar / hyper star) and go from there... To be honest, I'll be holding on to my trusty C6N anyway - I really think it's a great scope when properly collimated and it's perfect for the larger DSOs...

Cheers, Ian

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I am - absolutely - beside myself with excitement.

Think I'll update my signature and make a cuppa before unpacking. The boxes for the mount are HUGE but I can't believe how big the 2" Axiom LX eyepiece is!

Sorry, there may be quite a few of these 'kid in a candy store' posts!

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