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This is my first attempt at LRGB and first fime guided, so even though it doesn't come close to most of what you see on this site, I'm pretty chuffed with the result. Rolling cloud messed up most of the subs so in the end used 5xL, 3xR, 4xG and 3xB, all 5 minute.




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Looks pretty fine to me. If you could kill the red and green color in the background, it would be an excellent photo!

Sorry about your clouds. Care to come to the U.S. East Coast? We have had almost solid cloud cover most of the Summer. I am certainlyl hoping that the change to Fall will allow some more clearer nights to show up !

Jim S

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It is not far from being very like the best of SGL.

As above, the background needs attention because of the red-green gradient. Top tool would be DBE in Pixinsight but Russell Croman's Gradient Xterminator Ps plug-in would give it a hard time as well.

A bit more exposure if you can and you are well on your way. Congratulations on a fine start.


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Try a little more contrast, and I bet the image will really "pop" ! It looks like the whites are just a bit subdued .

But it is a great effort ! I especially like that you can see that faint nebulosity on the points of the "football" ( American football, that is ! )

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OOOHHH! I feel your pain Jim. I'm in New Jersey,USA. I have not had the scope out in what seems like forever. The last time I did try was in late August and the dew was so bad I had to give it up in short order. Now this darn cut-off low pressure system refuses to move from the Great Lakes area. It's been off and on raining for a solid week. It's got to change soon!

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