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Solid Rocket Booster Returning to Earth.

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Good find Tudd - cheers.

Was nice to see the other rocket, it's trails, and even briefly (I think?) the trail from the launch etc up there - gave the view some perspective 8) The other booster looked to be spinning at the same rate for quite a while - synchronised falling.

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Anyone know at what altitude seperation takes place ?

SRB Sep happens ~75 seconds after launch, but continue upward for ~10-20 seconds. Their altitude at apogee is ~220,000 ft or 35 miles. They hit the ocaen ~122 miles downrange.

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Thanks Astroman.. 35 miles... astounding! Looking back at the video, it is longer than I first thought. I guess because it's so interesting you forget how long the downward trip was. You're right CC, I'm sure I saw the shuttle launch cloud also.. quite distant but clearly there.

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I'm glad you all enjoyed this so much.

I'm a bit of a youtube junkie so try these for size.

One from the cockpit...

...just in case you were wondering how Santa delivers all the presents in one night. (and the shuttle launch is a bit special too)...

...and here's one to raise a glass to... Hubble going up...

I could watch these all day.


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