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Seen my first planet !

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Just needed to tell everyone that I have had my first viewing of Jupiter and 3 of its moons through my scope last night. Was jumping around the garden like a lunatic when I finally got focused properly !

Cant wait for the next clear night when I shall start messing about with different ep's and some filters, who knows, might even get the camera out !

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Congrats, I remember the first time I saw Saturn, I nearly fell off my chair! :glasses2:

Also look out for the great red spot and also the shadow of the transiting moons. Jupiter is really good this year and will reah a high altitude by the time the opposition occurs next month :rolleyes:

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Congratulations on your find. Like Mark, my first planet was Saturn and just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I can remember muttering something like, "..it looks just like it does in the pictures!" - obvious comment really, but I was truly chuffed.

Again well done and onward and upwards.


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well done lee you certainly have caught the bug again big time the first planet i saw was saturn it was very good but the rings were not tilted as my brother said it would be a better view and more clear but don't just think it's all planets try and look at pleiades it is stunnigly beautiful and you look at it for hours because they are in a small cluster and you tend to look deeply into the formation rather than just at the face of a planet a belated happy birthday and clear skies always jimmythemoonlight :glasses2:

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First thing I ever saw through a scope. I'd have been about six or seven but I'd already seen a drawing of Jupiter through the eyepiece of a small telescope in the Ladybird Guide to the Night Sky, so when my dad pointed our new little 60mm refractor at "Sirius", I took a peek and shook my head.

"That's Jupiter, Dad."

"Give us it here ... it's definitely Sirius, son, it's too bright to be anything else ... what are those points of light in a line?"

"They'll be the moons, Dad."

He didn't believe me until we stepped up to 175x and the two equatorial belts became obvious. Poor bloke was missing the Champions League to be shown up by his kid. :p Still, I caught the bug and showed him Saturn the following week! ;) Glad to hear that Jupiter lived up to your expectations, Lee!

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