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Brand New - Verry Intrigued

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Thanks for more of the warm welcome's i feel about right at home =D

I just wanted to say i cancelled my order....

Only because i switched my telescopes =D

I decided to get the --> Orion Telescopes: Orion SkyView Pro 120mm EQ Refractor Telescope


So now i will wait a bit longer, But i will take a picture of it as soon as i get it, and then i can start asking for advice as well as sharing what i see.


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That's a substantial upgrade for just a little more money. Nicely done Tom!

Yes can you believe it, I almost missed it when i was looking and i was looking for a while.

I think i know why i missed it, but Believe it or not the package was getting loaded on the truck and i called just in time.:)

Close call.:)

So for $70 more i got a better tripod and instead of a 600mm focal length this baby's got 1000mm focal length.

I cant wait to get it.

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Welcome aboard Tom!

As a fellow newbie I'm sure you're enjoy your time on SGL and find it very resourceful and the other forum members extremely helpful...just like I have! :glasses2:

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Hey everyone just wanted to say i got my telescope today , Wow what a big package, i wasnt expecting it.

I put it all together , was not to hard, was fun to do and learn in the process.

The rain has been horrible the last few days and its going to be like so another few days, but i should have wonderfully clear skys on the 3 of October, and i cant wait.

For some odd reason it seems to be cloudy and rainy all day and at night the skys clear up a little.

So tonight i went outside setting up my scope and aiming it thords the cosmos.

It was a lot of fun, i did not have much time to do anything because of the Dew :p

I managed to find Jupiter it was really bright.

The moon was not out tonight.

I had a lot of fun afterwards with just my finder scope even tho it was a bit bumpy :)

Well i hope for clear skys soon.

I attached a picture, sorry for my messy room, i did a bunch of cleaning believe it or not :)

I did want to ask something , not sure if i should start a new thread or not, but i wanted to know what i can do for cleaning my optics , and what i can do about this dew that builds up on my lens ?

I was scared to wipe with anything so i just took it apart and brought it inside and let it dry out.

I was scared to wipe with anything soft, i did wipe my finderscope tho, I have to be careful.

Any suggestions ?


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Welcome Tom, Yes, nice telescope. Btw, what's the weather like in Poconos PA? Are you able to get out much? Here in the UK we are having an "Indian Summer" just now - I've been out each night this week!!! OMG:)

Cheer Tom

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hi and welcome, as a hint: you will need the autoguide package to stay on the same patch of sky, to be able to take long exposures.

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