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Sun Dogs (pics)

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On last Thursday I went on the coach to Whitby for the day,but within moments of us setting off I saw one of the best Sun Dog displays Ive seen in quite a while,

Sadly the coach had tinted windows which fooled the camera's focusing more often that not,but I got several pics,

When I could see the right Dog the left one wasn't visible and vica versa,but there was an inverted bow as well as a faint complete ring,






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I've posted this before, but since this thread is right on the subject, I figured I would toss it in here, again. This was taken with a little half-frame ( 16mm vertical format ) camera, many years ago, and the slide has been laying around for a loooong time , sorry about the dust, and scratches.


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Ender: I believe that your last photo might more accurately be called a Parry arc. You can read about them, here:

Parry Arcs

They are seen above the sun, rather than to either side of it. All related to atmospheric phenomena, and fascinating to see and photograph !

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