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anyone manage to stream live video?


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I've been playing with my scb-4000 and I can't get it stream the live signal. I can stream a completed video to a DLNA enabled Tv using Tversity but it doesn't see the stream in progress.

This must be easy to do, I just don't know how! I also get an mpeg error so need to stream to a wma file.

Any ideas welcome.

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hi there

Have you tried it without the tversity.

I use ezcap on my sbc 2000.

I run it straight to my computer.

I am using sharpcap for the camera and it works fine.

If you go on the video forum in the science section there are people on there that will sort you out no problem.


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I use EZCap as well. I take it is EZCap and not EasyCAP - which would be a fake (notoriously poor). Mine works fine but gets quite hot (which apparently is normal). I did have a bit of faffing around with the drivers - have you checked that they have been successfully installed - no yellow exclamation marks against the 'Sound Video and Game Controllers'? If they have been successfully installed then it should just be a matter of plugging in the usb, opening the software (Arcsoft Showbiz 3.5?) and selecting the correct source on the 'Capture' tab.

PS The software works but is a bit naff in that it only outputs mpeg1/2 - so if you want to get AVIs to stack in registax then download SharpCap.

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If it turns out you have a duff EasyCap device and you want to get the EZCap device I got mine from:

Genuine EZCAP116 USB 2.0 Video Capture | eBay

They are cheaper than anyone else I could find and although they also sell via Amazon if you buy via ebay there is no postage charge. Mine arrived two days after I ordered it.

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Could anyone give me a 'video streaming for dummies' overview please? It is for a public observing evening. I would like to use either a Philips webcam or a QHY5 from a laptop and show the feed on a PC/projector inside the hall. I am not sure how far it is but I don't think we can run a cable. I have had a look at the VideoLAN website but I can't make head nor tail of it.

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Hi Rik,

I have never actually tried it .. but a google search turns up a couple of free software options... including Quicktime broadcaster.. VLC etc

There are quite a few how to video on youtube ... quite a few can be seen from here


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