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AstroPlanner V2 -final release!

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Paul Rodman has advised the formal release of AstroPlanner V2.

This is a great planning and recording program and accesses hundreds of databases etc etc.

Highly recommended.

AstroPlanner V2 is now ready for your downloading pleasure. All new application. All new manual. All new web site:


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Thanks for the heads up, I'll download again :(

Don't know if you've seen my update on the printing but I managed to get them exported successfully to Excel.

Thanks again for your help with it.

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I've been using this myself for a few weeks now (straight into V2 beta, now using V2 proper) and have to say I'm loving it - really easy to use and tons of features.. most of which I confess I haven't got round to using yet, but really looking forward to soon !

Mainly at the moment I'm using it for logging past observations from my "field notes"- being able to cross-reference the various observations is incredibly useful and something I just couldn't do from my hand-written notes.

Looking forward to using it to plan future observing sessions - I've downloaded a couple of user-saved observing plans as well (particularly looking forward to making use of the plan that contains all the objects from the Astronomical Wonders book), and maybe I'll even trying out a bit of remote control of the scope as well.

Fab application, and all the work of one developer, quite incredible. IMO most definitely worth the registration fee, regardless that you can use most of the app for free anyway, such great work should be rewarded :)

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