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Turning off red dot finder!!!


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Anyone else keep forgetting to switch off the red dot?? :)

Just pulled the scope out to get outside and have a scan of the moon, and found my red dot finder was left on again and battery flat again...

I left it on the first night I ever used it, and following day I bought a pack of 16x batteries, and went thru all of those, and now several packs of batteries later, I only have 2 left again...

I think every single time I get the scope out I forget to turn it off.....

Anyone else get this or is it just me???? :)

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glad its not just me then!!!

At least a full moon is not hard to hit..

was a bit bright and left me blind for a few seconds once i took my eye away from the EP but got some nice views of it tonight at low mag...

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yep mee too, i have te rigel, an i have left it on twice now, and am still on teh same battery.

I have ordered some more from 7 dayshop, so i will have some spares.

The problem is, when you finish, and the stuff all needs clearing away, one is knackered, and the ol' brain isnt nesc firing on all cylinders.

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