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Advice needed on SW130p and imaging...

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Hi everyone, I know of the problems the SW 130p has with attaching DSLRs, that it cannot focus correctly etc, but would it help at all if I piggybacked it with one of these or similar?

Baader Planetarium Microstage II Clickstop Digital Camera Adapter

I'd love to be able to get some astrophotography done, even mediocre by standards would suffice, and I refuse to be beaten by a single piece of glass!!!

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Hi Panzer - imho the dslr is the wrong tool for the job. The adaptor is fine for attaching dslr's to scopes but you will get much better results using a webcam. Taking an avi for a few mins will give you several thousand frames that can be stacked, aligned and processed.

The software you'll need is "Registax" wich is free to download. You'll be able to reject the bad frames and use only the best ones to create the image. Use something like Photoshop ( or "Gimp" free download) for final processing.

I'm assuming you have a mount that can track at least in right ascension (essential). You should be able to get very nice results on planets and moon in this way. A dslr would be better employed imaging deep sky objects, but to do so will need a much more accurate equatorial mounted tracking system, higher spec telescope, and most likely guiding as well.

Here's a popular webcam that a lot of imagers use for planetary work:

Buy Philips SPC880 webcam (Not pre flashed) at Morgan Computers

Ask them to flash it for you for a couple of quid extra. You'll also need the adaptor further down the page. All much cheaper than your Microstage 2 :)

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Hi Panzer, I've used the 130p with a dslr myself and would have to say that it is to much weight to be hanging from the scope especially if your using an EQ2 mount,

brantuk's advice is sound, you will get far better results with the webcam setup and for little cost.

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Thanks guys, I'll definitely look into that webcam. The camera I'd be using is a compact, weighs very little. Would that work ok? Its got a hd video recording mode which is what made me think of using it. My mount is the az goto synscan

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You'll be fine imaging planets/moon with the az goto sysnscan. But I'm afraid I know nothing of HD or the compact cameras. Weight wise they sound fine but attaching will be the problem - that adaptor likely weighs more than the camera.

I think you would also have a balancing problem on your mount/scope combination if you added more than just an eyepeice. I would seriously consider going the webcam route - it'll be so much easier and is a proven solution :)

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The nosepiece adaptor on that page screws into the camera and just inserts into the focuser tube like an eyepiece. Lock it with the knurled screw as you would an eyepiece. It's the same as this one (I notice Morgans remove the picture of it):

First Light Optics - 1.25" nosepiece to webcam lens thread (ToUcam Pro SPC900NC)

It produces an image on the webcam chip roughly equivalent to a 6mm eyepiece. You may be better with the FLO adaptor as it is a little longer in case of focus issues. :)

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