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Help needed in Bolton

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Anyone out there who could help a "computer challenged" older amateur successfully install AstroArt and the drivers for the Meade DSI - he has all the disks and an XP laptop.

Please let me know.....

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As far as I know its a laptop running XP.

The issue seems to revolve around the .net framework and the registering of the necessary .dll files within AstroArt for the DSI II camera.

There's only so much help I can offer from a distance...he really needs a "home visit"

Any offers?

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Although I now a little about computers, I do not have Astro Art or a Meade camera. I think I picked up somewhere that loading the latest version .net does not actually load the earlier versions. So if an application has been written with a certain version of .net in mind you have to make sure it is loaded on the PC.

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He has all the software and the camera....

but appears to be unable to to copy/paste files into folders and run a check command line program as required by Astroart to verify the necessary files are installed.

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So is this along the lines of:

Copy then paste DSIIO.dll (+others?) into C:\AstroArt

Open CMD console

Execute:C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\regasm.exe "C:\Astroart\DSIIO.dll" /DSSIIO.tlb

to register the .dlls?

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That's it!!!

He seems to be unable to verify that the correct version of the framework is on his machine (I've told him how to check...) and do the DSI install...

Are you anywhere near Bolton??

I can obviously put you in touch....

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