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Lodestar v's DSI II pro

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From 2 years ago until last month I had both. I satrted with the DSI and had so many problems I switched to the Lodestar.

The problems are 2 fold. First power requirements - they are both powered directly by USB and as such can be very temperamental unless there is enough power. If you use a hub it has to be powered externally. However the DSI was still far too unreliable with regards to power even with a powered hub. I moved to the Lodestar and never had any further problems.

The second problem is drivers. Whilst Starlight don't have the best approach to drivers (they rely on 3rd party ones written by hobbyists sometimes) there are at least separate drivers available. As for Meade you cannot get specific drivers and have to fight through installing their horrid software first to find the drivers. Even then I don't think they have 64bit ones available.

The Lodestar is also much smaller and gives a slightly better SNR.

Overall, as usual, the Meade is a good idea poorly implemented.

Having said thatpeople use the Meade quite happily and if (IF) it all plays nicley it will be fine. You did ask for reasons to get the Lodestar though and it is better but you pay handsomely for that privilege.

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I've currently got the Meade DSI IIpro installed and running under WinXP.

I was just wondering if the change to a Lodestar would be of any additional benefit.

The DSI II does it's job very well....

I'm interested in your comment re SNR as they both have the same chips and limited (if any ) cooling.

The other option for guiding is the ATiK16ic which can be cooled....

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Not sure where I saw it (so slightly useless answer) but may have been ansomething like S@N mag. There was a comparison of the cameras with the same chip and the Lodestar was more sensitive, albeit slightly. Electronics are important for sensitivity too not just cooling.


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I guide with a couple of 16ic Atiks and a Lodestar. The 16ic is no longer available though, Ken. It is now the Titan which has extra features. The cooled Atiks are less noisy but the SX does away with one cable (hooray!) and has a larger chip. Despairing of my Tak mount I changed everything inc. guide camera and for now it is working well with the Lodestar. Very well. The 16ic works fine on iOptron and EQ6 mounts so ... as ever, mystery!

But if your DSI is working I doubt that you'd gain from a Lodestar.


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Sorry got carried away talking about direct comparisons. As olly said if the DSI works fine then you wouldn't get much benefit and if I was you I would stick with the DSI.

If I was looking to buy and had nothing I'd recommend the Lodestar if you could afford it.


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