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First Meteor capture

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I decided to have a go at DSI with my Nikon D3100 on a static tripod when I spotted a meteor shoot through the area I was imaging last night around 0230am, quick look in PS and I can see two in one of the frames so thought I would share, I will stack the other images in DSS tonight and see what else I got and how I can improve the image.

I think the focus might of been out a bit but not sure how to get it right as nothing shows on the camera screen in live view or zoomed, anyone offer any help on how to ensure your camera is focussed or is it just trial and error?

This was a 20 sec sub at ISO800 F3.6


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Regarding focus and live view. Steps you have to follow:

1 - set camera to Bulb exposure time

2 - set iso to highest value

3 - set focal length you will be taking pictures (do not change it later are different focal length will require different focus points)

4 - set focus close to infinity

5 - aim at bright star and it should show on your view finder

6 - once you will find bright star, you can zoom it digitally and then manually adjust focus

It is difficult at the beginning, but once you will get used to it, focusing with live view will be quick and easy. Its important to get focus close to infinity in the first place, otherwise you will not be able to find any stars at all, as live view is quite focus sensitive when it comes to set good focus on stars.

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When I setup my camera on the tripod I tend to take a sub, look at the picture and zoom in on a star then adjust the focus accordingly. Normally takes a couple of tries but seemed to work OK for me.

You can tell if focus is out by looking at the stars, if focus is out they will turn "blobby" and look sort of spherical instead of pin points of light.

Nice picture and double capture anyhow :)


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