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Fitting a RA finder to CPC11

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On the new CPC11 the supplied finder bracket is obviously designed for the straight through 50mm finder.

I'd like to use my Antares RA finder, but the spacing between the "rings" on the finder mount is too great and the shorter body length of the Antares just wont fit.

What alternatives are available to the finder bracket on the CPC11??

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Thanks for that!

Yes, if I use a very small section O ring (1.5mm diameter) I can JUST get the body to fit the Celestron bracket.....

I'm now measuring up the original Antares bracket/ base - the mounting holes don't match up - yet ;-)

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I have an Orion 9x50 Raci on the 925 - you'd need the Sct shoe for it though (not the standard shoe). The hole spacings are perfect and it's got 360 degs clearance. Depends if you like the finder though - I didn't get on with the Antares models. :)

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The mounting bracket for the Antares fits the hole spacing on the C9.25....but not on the CPC11 - bumma.

I have the illuminated RA model...what issues did you have with the Antares??

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Couldn't get it to focus with the screw thread eye piece. It was almost all the way in with no throw left. Plus of course it didn't fit the CPC finder rings. If I'd persevered I might have found a way, but at the time. I really wanted something working out of the box.

Another good one I can recomend is the Altair 10x60 illuminated ra finder. It's fully adjustable and can be set for alt/az or eq crosshairs.

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Someone else had similar problems...Helen I think.

There seems to be a possible problem with the Antares body length v's illuminated and non-illuminated eyepieces. The slightly shorter body is the correct one for the illuminated version. I've had mine for over six years and works extremely well....

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