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Starry nights in Southern France

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Hi all,

When I was visiting Provence last week to do some deepsky imaging, I also wanted to try something else.

I have made these 3 startrail images over 3 nights under the magnificent dark skies down there.

I have used my nikon D90 dslr equiped with a 8mm Samyang fisheye lens. Lens was stopped down 2 stops, iso at 800. White balance of the camera was set at 3450K, as this showed the most natural starcolours. The camera was mounted on a tripod and the acquisition of the frames was done with an old laptop. Each shot took about 7 hours (from dusk till dawn) to make in 30sec bursts.

The sky was a bit hazy during the first image , but transparancy was superb for the last two.

Hope you like these!









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Thanks everybody,


Well I am impressed with its performance, however there is some false colour at the edges. It is not a very expensive lens, but you can take care of that in PS. I would recommend to stop it down 1 or 2 stops, because otherwise the outer stars look like comets.

I actually did try to make a movie from it, but I still have to find a suitable codec. I have used the programs Starstax and Timelapse to make this small movie: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/startrails2011/timelapse.avi


Thanks, I have started the other processing aswell, but something must have gone wrong with my flats. But I am working on it, will keep you updated...

Best regards,


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Wonderful results, Pieter! I think our Mayor would love to have the one of the village for our village hall. As said above, the meteors look fantastic.

(By the way, just in case anyone is wondering why you can see light pollution from my place, it's because Pieter set up his fixed camera on high ground behind the house. We don't normally image or observe from there....)


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