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vdB 142 in IC1396 (33 hours data)

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Thanks TJ :-). The new version will have better star color (already done).

But I will try all again with 3 nm filters next year...and sooner (because here I have problems getting -20ºC in July and August, and the differences are clear between the -10ºC and the -20ºC subs).

About that M42....everytime I saw it I remember my Canon 40D and I really would like to have it now just for the M42 (with the QSI532WS is impossible because it will bloom like crazy). My goal then, was to make a HDR with subs from 15 s to 720 s, and at leat 16 of each. Unfortunatelly I only did subs to 480s and only 8 or 9 of each till 360s and 5 for the 480s. Then the clouds appeared for long, long time and in the meanwhile I sold the 40D and bought the QSI.



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Well Paolo, all I can say is that your summer certainly wasn't wasted - This is one of the best HST palette images I've seen - Right up there with the very best. Beautiful colours and incredible detail...!

Agreed. The subtley with which the palette has been applied is excellent. It's too easy to go over the top with Hubble Palette, but this demonstrates you don't need to.

Good job, Paulo.

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