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2nd attempt at Jupiter 02/09/11

Steve Wright

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Set up my Maksutov in the garden at 11pm last night to cool down, went out around midnight to start imaging and the clouds had rolled in......again, not wanting to give up I persevered and waited up until 0100am by which time there was enough clear sky to start.

Struggled with the image drifting off the laptop screen and fiddled for ages trying to get the polar alignmment improved as there is no polar alignment scope of the EQ2, also the security light that is angled straight at my garden on the back wall of the house behind mine flashing on and off for no apparent reason grrrr, even so I managed to capture a few avi's with the Toucam although couldn't get any longer than 60 secs before it drifted off, finally conceded with clouds starting to roll in again at 0300am so came in and had a go at stacking and processing until 0400am but was by then too tired to concerntrate.

Stacked in Registax this evening and tweaked levels and curves in Photoshop CS8 and I think I have made a slight improvement on my last attempt but not sure, getting there though?

Jupiter 02_09_11.bmp

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