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Skywatcher 200p which one?

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Which one the Skywatcher 200p EQ5 or the Skywatcher 200p Auto Dob? I just Like the look of the Dob really. I don't expect to take outstanding images just the moon and planets plus basic DSO's like M42 and M31 through an iPhone 4 with astro clip or through a 14mp digital camera (not DSLR).

Opinions are very welcome,

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I would have the dob but on an EQ5 with tracking motors it would be easier to take pics i think

It is actually easier on the goto Dob. I have the 10" Skywatcher Tracking/goto Dob, when I got mine I bought the AZ goto also, so turned it into a goto dob.

Far easier then any EQ5, and the beauty is I can manually move it without losing to goto, no so with the EQ5.

My Skywatcher tracks beautifully and take photos of the moon with no problems.

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For visual use the Dob is great, not too heavy and fairly easy on eyepieces. It will be okay for holding a phone-cam or compact camera to the eyepiece for a few snapshots of the moon or even drop a webcam in for planetary imaging. But, you won't be able to take the long exposures you need for Deep sky objects.

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Sorry for the thread hi-jack but where can you buy the kit to goto/auto track a dob and how much?

I asked the same thing before i bought my EQ5, i asked Skywatcher about an upgrade base for a normal 200p dob (push).

Skywatcher said they are going to relese a goto base and to contact your local supplier, i then asked OVL and was told they have not heared of such a thing and don't expect to have one:confused:

I was then looking to buy the 200p dob auto and using my AZ goto handset but went for a EQ instead.

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Imho - the eq5 is just ok with a 200P on it - by that I mean for visual use only - I wouldn't want to try imaging though - for that I'd want a slightly heavier platform to reduce shaking in the wind and sundry vibration. I'd go for the HEQ5 min.

8" tubes are a kind of crossover point for the eq5, anything above needs more sturdy mountings - I like to keep the tube weight about 50%-60% of the mount's load capability - especially for imaging. :)

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For the Dobsonian 200P - to upgrade goto I found the replacement handsets a pain to find unless you get lucky on the s/h market - they tend to be an "order only" item from retailers and cost close to £200.

So I got one of these mounts brand new and just swapped the handsets with my 300P Flextube Auto dob:

Sky-Watcher Sky-Watcher Synscan AZ Goto mount and tripod

Both handsets work in both mounts just by plugging in - but you do have to get Version 3 or above cos they are flash upgrade'able. Then you can get the latest version of software for the goto handset and you're ready to go. Plus you have a brand new "AZ Auto" mount with tracking worth around £100 left over to sell on. :)

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When I got my 200P dob I was advised that I could mount the OTA onto a GEM, at a later date. That date is now approaching and I've been considering which mount would be suitable, bearing in mind I prefer visual astronomy, want Goto, don't want to use a laptop, needs to be quiet, and budget is an issue :)

The list looks like this:

Skywatcher EQ5 Pro - £486 - will this cope with my OTA? (FL1200mm, F6)

Celestron CG5-GT - £525 - an EQ5 with stronger tripod legs, and better bearings, but with a reputation for being noisy.

Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro - £747 - will take the OTA but most expensive option.

I would need to save more money for any of these options but I'd be interested to hear what other 200P dob owners have done with putting their OTAs onto a GEM?

Hope this adds to George's thread and helps with his decision :(

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I'd go for one of the last two on your list. The CG5GT is noisy as you rightly say - it would annoy neighbours (mine commented) - but the software and database are more extensive than the SW offerings. So out in the field it's great.

But the HEQ5 is heavier and more stable for the size of tube you have and imho far preferable despite the short comings. I nearly went for it myself and gave it a good going over. I wanted imaging though so got the NEQ6 Pro in the end.

You can get the HEQ5's under one year old in superb condition for around £550 if you go second hand - that's the option I'd pick in your position twotter :)

I'm sure this helps George too :(

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