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Astrogeordie says Hello


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Hi all,

my name is Juergen and I am an astronomer.


Okay, more serious. Folks from UKAI may already know me. Don't be offended by the "Geordie" as I am not from Newcastle but live in County Durham. Being German originally, I applied the far-field approximation to my nickname as from the German view the whole North-East is Geordie-Land due to the lack of spatial resolution. Don't be afraid, despite of being German I have a sense of humour. :(

Working as professional astronomer developing instruments for astronomy research, the reason I went to this career is my long ongoing interest in astronomy.

What started with a cardboard refractor with plastic lens that went dull due to my first cleaning attempt with a stiff brush, sees me now having too many telescopes and two garden shed observatories. My object interest is everything from solar stuff over moon and planets but with an emphasis on deep sky objects. I am mostly astrophotographer, as when I started seriously with 14 years I had only an EQ mounted Tasco 60/700 which showed me next to nothing, but was a nice guide scope for a film SLR camera somebody kindly donated to me those days.

The only objects I do not like are meteors. Maybe it is my narrow field of view, or my bad reaction time. However, in most incidents I miss those little beasts leading to my "serious" claim that meteors do not exist. Okay, I have seen a few I have to admit. :)

Apart from astrophotography I like building things. So I made mirrors up to 18", and I learnt some essential metal working on my lathe and mill I have in my tiny workshop. Two years ago I built a massive observatory with built-in gantry crane to assemble heavy instruments, as there is a telescope to be refurbished for Durham Astronomical Society - a 14" Newtonian on a heavy fork mount that weighs about half a ton.

I am member of several astronomical societies in the NE, namely Durham A.S. whose chairman I am, Cleveland and Darlingten A.S. and Kielder Observatory A.S.. I am also closely linked to Sunderland A.S. I like giving talks to popularise astronomy or to talk to members of other societies.

So much about me for now ... just the inevitable scope list:

- Lots of vintage telescopes, mostly Japanese 1950s to 1980s.

- Main workhorses:

-- 200/1000mm Skywatcher Newtonian "Mrs Parsons" on NEQ6 pro

-- 102/660mm Vixen ED 102 SS "Grubb" on various mounts

-- Orion Optics OMC250 - heavily rebuilt, it works now fine. Currently I am in the process of replacing this one with a 10" RC.

-- Various smaller ED refractors.

- Interesting scopes:

-- 150/3000mm Lichtenknecker Schiefspiegler (Kutter type)

-- 150/900 fork mounted Heidenhain Newtonian, about 50 years old

-- 150/2250 mm Zeiss Cassegrain

- Projects for the future:

-- Refurbishment of the 14" D.A.S. Newtonian

-- Refurbishment of a 90 year old Zeiss observatory mount

-- 12.5" Newtonian / Cassegrain telescope

-- 24" telescope - early stage, just have the mirror blanks.

I am looking forward to fruitful discussions ...

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Hello Juergen, I've had the pleasure of meeting you, and enjoying one of your talks at the Dalby Forest Astrofest a while ago.

I know you are a very knowlegable guy, and very amusing too.

You are very welcome at SGL, and we look forward to many posts from you. We really hope you enjoy it here.

Best Wishes :).


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Hi Juergan, welcome to SGL

I started to attend the Durham A.S just towards the end of last season and am looking forward to returning. Enjoy your time here and am looking forward to seeing some of your images.

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