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I am a total noob to stargazing. Well sort of..... I am an avid fisherman, be it shore, coarse, fly or c.a.r.p. (swear filter not liking that one???). As such I spend a bit of time watching the heavens for shooting stars and constellations and have decided it is time to take a bit of a closer look. I am starting small before stepping up to the intended price range of £350 - £450 and have picked up a little 70mm National Geographic telescope for a little under fifty quid. It offers 15x, 45x, 75x and 225x magnification with a bit of swapping eye pieces out and mixing them with a 3x barrow lens. I know the higher magnifications will be a bit poor on a scope like this so have also ordered a 2x barrow lens to give me a bit more choice for a decent view.

I figured I would join this forum to gleam as much information as possible and pick up another hobby that can fit in with my existing hobby. I am hoping the tackle tart element will not be as strong as it is on the fishing forum I use but can cope with starting small and working my way up. I am located on the Dorset / Hamphire border and am pretty interested in the star parties I have heard about. Firstly as I love camping and secondly as they seem like another good place to pick up knowledge and also check out kit before parting with my hard earned cash.

Anyway, HI!!!

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Hi and welcome to the forum :)

I do a bit of fishing now and then too - coarse mostly. At least you can fish when it's cloudy and we have had a lot of that lately :)

Hope you get some nice views with your new scope. My tip would be to get it mounted as solidly as possible and keep to the lower magnifications - up to 120x should be OK but many objects look better at much less than that.

Your experiences with that scope should inform your choices well when you come to your next investment but keep asking questions as well - astronomy is, if anything, even more equipment based than angling and there are dozens of choices in the price range you mention :(

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I'm no fisherman, but I can understand that while patiently waiting for that nibble on the line, your eyes will stray to the sky, and if there is no light pollution, and the right time of year, under dark skies, the Milky Way is a sight to behold.

Most who gaze on that scene are bound to be smitten by it, and may well be drawn to learn more. That's what has brought you to SGL. There's enough knowledge residing here to more than satisfy your thirst for it.

Any help you need is just waiting for you to ask.

Welcome to the UK's premier Astronomy Forum.:)


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have to honest, although the swear filter seems a pain, its probably a good thing given that any mention of the word 'weather' would yield pages of responses that none of us could ever understand!:):D I think one of the biggest virtues of fishing, is that it teaches you patience which will come in very handy from time to time in this game.

Clear skies


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