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Bizarre Sky Cloud Colour.......


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I've just been to let our dogs out and noticed the overcast sky in a light blue/turquoise colour in the north western sky.

Now, a few things:

1) I'm not saying its a UFO or similar

2) It could be something fairly obvious

3) I'm just unsure what it is!

The photo is below, best I could get in the short space of time and the light "diminished" within 60seconds of me seeing it. It was quite vivid.

Now I orignally suspected a beam of light from the ground, but having zoomed in on the photo I can't see any beam of light in the photo - would this rule it out?

I'm sure the answer is pretty obvious, but thought would check with the masses!!!

Please dont laugh at me!! :)


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I cannot give a specific answer but have recently noticed a lot of pale blue coloured clouds which I have never seen previously, or took notice of anyway.

must be something to do with levels of water vapour or similar and in your case presumably residual light in the sky from the sunset?

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Hi all. It was taken around 9.15pm ish so would have been after sunset. I guess it could have been a gap in the cloud but the rain and general darkness sort of ruled it out for me at the time.

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