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Thanks John. I've seen your post before ( great job by the way ). I'm not known for my technical abilities so I am a bit sceptical about drilling my scope. I was hoping for an easier solution. Hopefully, if I do pluck up the courage and I follow your instructions, I will get what I want. Did you notiuce a significant difference when you replaced your focuser?

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I didn't do it really to be able to use 2" eyepieces but rather to have a dual speed crayford. It would have been a lot simpler if the older 150 OTA didn't have the small focuser hole that's barely big enough to take a 1.25" drawtube. The latest of the 150 OTAs does come with a 2" focuser.

Unfortunately the baseplate that comes with the Revelation focuser won't fit. It will only fit 8" and larger OTAs. The 6" is too small a radius to allow the baseplate to fit down. The TS curved baseplate is curved at the right radius for the 6" tube. Also unfortunately the Revelation crayford won't fit the TS baseplate as the TS baseplate has a 78mm opening and the Revelation crayford has an 80mm flange. The Skywatcher replacement crayford for the MN190 does have a 78mm flange though and so will fit right on the TS baseplate.

Just don't ask why the various manufacturers don't all work to the same standard. :)


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