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Walking on the Moon

Orion - M42, M43, Running Man, Flame, Horsehead


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It's been a long time since i posted a deep sky image, or even used the 300D for that matter. But we finally got some unexpected clear nights, not forecast at all.

Decided to put the 300D straight on the EQ6 and use the Sigma 70-300 zoom. Following image was taken at it's widest 70mm (35mm film equiv of a 112mm telephoto) setting. Aperture was set to f4. Used a Baader Neodymium filter to add contrast and also combat the light pollution (works really well for exp upto 3mins). The EQ6 was unguided and with only a rough polar alignment too.



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Great image Russ well done.

But i must disagree with you on one point though the Horse Head coudn't be more obvious on an image of that scale.

I don't know what you were expecting Horse Head wise but i would be proud of it.

BTW nice processing job with the reds.

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Thanks for the comments everyone.

Had a go at removing the noise around the middle of the image. Done that okay but at the expense of the Horsehead.

Perhaps Steve may want to have a play with the original, see if he has anymore luck.



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