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what binoculars do you own

jango fett

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I have a pair of Celestron 15x70's which I can use without a tripod and a pair of 20x80's which I brought in Dubai in 1997, these have to be put on a tripod as they are too heavy for any real viewing. I keep a pair of Russian 7x50's in the car that I have used for visual viewing at times, I find these to be a bit small for planetary, ok for the moon and large areas of the night sky. I have used the 20x80's for solar viewing with a baader film on the front before I got a PST.


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I have an old pair of 9x21's, which are handy for a bit a recce for targets, 10x50's and Revelation 15x70's on a home made parallelogram mount, which fits on a EQ5 tripod.

Mrs Baz has a pair of 8x40's which are just the right weigh for her to hand hold.

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Opticron 10×42 BGA: Easily hand-holdable; very good optics. Use it as a quick "grab and go" and as a hand-holdable adjunct to my big binoc.

Strathspey (UA BM2) 10x50 Marine: Lives permanently in the car; extremely robust and reasonably good optics.

Miyauchi 20/37x100 Bj-100B: My main observing instrument; rarely use the x20 eyepieces. In preference, I put it on a UA T-Mount, but also have a Manfrotto 475/501 combo for a more portable option.

Ah. Forgot about this thread. To the above, add:

Helios Apollo (UA BA8) 15x70: Very good "grab & go" binocular, and superb on a monopod/trigger-grip ball-head. (see avatar! :laugh: )

Strathspey (UA BA1) 15x70: bought to experiment on/with. Not bad. Used as a "loan to members" instrument for my local AS.

Frank Nipole 10x50: very good incarnation of "old style" binocs, rudimentary coatings and BK7 prisms. Brighter and sharper than modern budget (e.g. UA BA1 and BF4) 10x50s, and used primarily for demonstrating this.

Unbranded 12-60x70 zoom: also has "ruby" coating. Donated. Kept as a demonstration example of almost exactly what a binocular for astronomy should not be. (I'd be ashamed to have my name on it, so not surprised it's unbranded -- might be an early UA BZ1; still hawked on eBay)

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I had a pair of Tasco 10x50's for a couple of decades not bad i guess, also a tiny pair of praktica 7x25's and a huge pair of 10-70x80 zooms, not sure of the make?

I've also had a pair of Bushnell 12x42's very nice Bino's but they pale in comparison to my new (got em last year) Olympus 10x50 DPS-1's, compact well made and great optically :bino2:

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Celestron Skymaster 15x70s. Bought with Clubcard vouchers, I probably wouldn't have got them otherwise, but they fast became my most-used instrument. They do need the tripod but the optical performance compared to 10x50s makes up for it.

Bresser 10x50s. My first decent pair that I used for astro. Out of collimation now, 'they were fine before' :(

Auriol 10x50s. From Lidl, bought as a spare/loaner pair. They performed well on their couple of nights' use recently, seem about equal to the Bressers though I haven't compared them side-by-side. Just wish the eyecups weren't so rigid against my nose.

Auriol 12x32s. My compact pair. They're pretty naff though.

Godawful ruby-coated junk somethingx50s. Actually got my first look at the Pleiades through these. Then one of the objective barrels broke off, hardly a great loss. I hacked off an eyepiece for my scope, makes an OK low-power EP for no money.

Also recently bought my mum a Helios Ranger 7x32 monocular. General purpose use in mind, not specifically astronomy. Neither of us have used it much yet though, but the close focus did impress.

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Helios Apollo 15x70 HD: Main observing bins, good hand-held and better on p-mount.

Bresser 10x50 (fairly expensive ones I got for my PhD, not the cheap Lidl ones): very decent given their age (19 years) used more for birding than astronomy now.

TS 15x70 (cheap ones I got at a huge discount because they were "defective" and fixed): My eldest son's favourite bins for Messier hunting (>30/110 now)

Combifoto 7x50 (Yashica-built ca 1975-1980 vintage, got for free as defective, quick collimation and tightening of screws fixed them): My youngest son's favourite binoculars. Very useful all-round performer

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