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New Planet discovered... Diamonds?


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Sorry if this was already posted.

Planet Might Be Huge Diamond | ThirdAge

Planet Might Be Huge Diamond

Posted by Caitlin Bronson on August 26, 2011 8:54 AM


Astronomers discovered a new planet roughly the size of a small city with the mass of Jupiter. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the planet’s density is comprised of crystalline carbon, meaning that much of it is likely diamond.

The planet was discovered orbiting a small pulsar star about 4,000 light years away from earth, the PI said. Scientists believe it may be the remnants of a star that shed its exterior long ago. Its radio beam, which can be detected on earth, led astronomers to the planet.

The distance of the planet from the star is so close, orbit only takes two hours and ten minutes. That would put it and the pulsar it circles inside our own sun, SlashGear reported.

Despite its diamond exterior, however, Ben Stappers of the University of Manchester doesn’t believe the planet would be shiny like the diamonds we know on earth. In fact, scientists admit they have no idea what the planet would look like up close.

“In terms of what it would look like, I don’t know I could even speculate,” Stappers said. “I don’t imagine that a picture of a very shiny object is what we’re looking at here.”

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Would love to have discovered that one. I could name it after my wife. " Honey I got you the largest diamond in the universe", now can I go and get a new scope. Well,maybe not.

For the love of god, don't mention it to my wife !!!

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