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Supernova in M101

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My first attemp for this new Supernoiva.

TS250mm f5 Newton, 5min 40s of light, ISO1600

after that.. clouds..

Not very beautiful, but firs light, hopely tomorrow weather is better.


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Thanks for everyone.

I get more light for this last night. Now i was able to take 24m30s of light.

I have very limited time to image this because of trees near my observatory.


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New try from 30.8.2011.

Total 35min, mainly 2min subs with moddedd Canon EOS1000D and TS250 f/5 Newton. No guiding.

Only 2 of subs was ok, all other somehow spoiled by clouds. Anyway, i stacked them all. Supernova is much brighter now.


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Well done, that's a cracking image considering the full moon!

I hope that the SN is still there in 10 days or so as I'd like to take some images without the full moon.



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This supernova is still clearly visible in images.

I took 1h40min images last night of M101 and found it. Must be quite of bang, i wonder how bright it would be if it happened in our galaxy

Celestron 14 SCT, CGEM, EOS600D and sw0.85 reducer.

25x4min ISO1600


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