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Hi need to get one of these for my new scope (C8 from Rob :lol:), Rob mentioned the Antares one and I assume he means this one


Now being the sort of person I am I need choice. Can anyone recommend any others, at a similar price....I dont really know anything about them but assume they need to be of a good quality as they are in front of the eyepiece ?



Ps Did I mention im getting a C8... :D :D :D

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Hi Chubster,

I've got one of those but mine is the push fit type to fit a refractor - pretty good quality for what you pay. Have a look in their bargains section as they often have one of these at around a £10 saving - plus the 10% SGL discount as well :D.

If you want a premium quality diagonal you could have a look at the dielectric diagonals which seem to start around £70 new. 2nd hand they can be had very reasonably - £40-£50 and they are very nicely made. TBH I don't see a huge difference visually though (maybe that's just my eyes !).

The ones on the top of this web page are good quality (same as William Optics):


You might want to think about going for a push fit diagonal with an SCT-2 inch push fit adaptor. That would be a more flexible if you want to use your 2inch diagonal in a non-SCT one day and only a little more expensive at the outset.


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I think Rob is giving you a 2" visual back so you could go for a 2" push fit diagonal. Scopes'n'skies have one in their bargain basement section for £28. Minus the 10% and thats £25.20 delivered. Which for a 2" diagonal is very good and gives you more options (Moonfish 30mm UWA) later on :D

BTW did I say that used to be my C8.....great scope, you'll have fun! :sunny:


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Good find there Russ. Yep the 2" diagonal (you can use the 1.25 adapter that comes with the 2" visual back for your 1.25 EP's) will be just the job @ £25!!. BTW I had my last hour out with the scope tonight to view Saturn... boy its a great planet scope, I will miss her!!!.... however I feel its going to a good home.

Rob :D

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