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aug 21 dslr


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Good Morning!

I took this with a Pentax k20d through 9.25 sct with reducer/corrector. Was at 1/60 second. Processed wavelets in Iris and levels in Photoshop. Camera is 14.5 megapixels, and I am wondering how to set up for clearer and smoother images?

Thanks again for any suggestionsicon7.gif


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how to set up for clearer and smoother images?

Hi there - using your Pentax (and assuming it won't take avi files) I would suggest you take as many exposures as you can handle, then stack them together. As general rule - the noise will decrease as a function of the square root of the no of exposures (i.e. stack 4 exposures and the noise will halve, take 9 and the noise will reduce to a third, 16 and it will go a quarter, 100 and you'll be down to a tenth of the noise).

Alternatively you could get a webcam and take several thousand frames of avi.

Hope this helps


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