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EQ6 non GOTO


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On 20/08/2011 at 14:20, Whippy said:

No worries :), the main difference is in the motors. The syntrek/synscan mounts have stepper motors while the black EQ6 has the same type of motors as the EQ5 RA/dual drive upgrade kits. The GOTO upgrade kits for the HEQ5/EQ6 have the stepper motors, synscan handset and the necessary control board.


Now this is a blast from the past.

So all black EQ6's do not have the stepper motors? And these are much better?

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If it is the standard EQ3,5,HEQ5, 6 with drives then yes that is correct. There were HEQ5 & 6 with syntrek handsets (often white unless orion branded which were black) that had stepper motors and a basic drive function which all you needed to do was purchase a synscan controller to upgrade them to goto.

You can upgrade to stepper motors in an old black EQ6 but the synscan kits cost around £300+. Depending on the market it can sometimes better to just buy a used EQ6 Pro.

The advantage of stepper motors are only really seen in slew speeds and long exposure imaging. Manual mounts don't really need quick slew speeds as you can disengage the clutches anyway and then fine tune with the motors. As for imaging you can still get some exposure out of manual motors just not to the length you can with stepper motors.

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