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Sombrero Galaxy M104


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SPX350 F4.53, ATK-16HR, Astrodon filters. 29 mil lyrs away.





Imaged back in June but forgotten about, dust lane has come out well as seeing was good if I remember. This Galaxy has dozens of globulars surrounding it down to mag 21st in this image with some fuzzies in the background. Passes overhead in Winter in Brisbane.

Thanks for looking.




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104 has to be one of the prettiest galaxies... definitely makes you go 'wow' when you see it, it's the depth it has, it looks SO 3D.

Stunning pic... I can't wait to get something with the focal length needed to catch this as more than a small oval smudge! :-)


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Thanks for the comments, this was imaged at 1585mm focal length and M104 is not that big at 8' and would have loved to go to 3200mm but would need adaptive optics at that fl. Its surface brightness is quoted as 11.6-11.9 one of the brightest galaxies and looks so good through a telescope visually even at low alt.

Regards, John.

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