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M27 - HaRGB


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In the meanwhile from my Summer project (in progress...) I captured some photons from M27. The Ha capture started in June...and the RGB at the 3rd of August!

Tak FS102NSV @ 632mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -15ºC

Ha - 15x 40min

RGB - 16 x 5 min each ch.

This is the first processing (and a quick one since I'm on holydays at the beach :smiley:).



M27 - HaRGB (60% from the original)


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thanks for the comments but today I found the image too red indeed (processing at 3 am after a great day at the beach it is not good :-)).

Here a new version and a graysacle one too:

M27 - Ha(HaR)GB at 60%



M27 - Ha(HaR)GB crop at 100%


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Thanks for the comments.

Yes I know that Olly, I had made a false RGB with Ha and OIII and then "merged" the stars from an ancient mod. 40D image, http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/107786-yet-m27-star-color-2008-a.html. The OIII really brings more detail to the core and it is visible in great extent in the outer shell too.

But I made the current M27 only as an "appendix" to my main project for this summer (which I think to finish last days of august :-)). I even did not get the Lum and the RGB was made with M27 already too low in the horizon (from 2h30 - 3h00 am forward).

Anyway I'm at Algarve now with great sunny days and the water is just fabulous so I should enjoy it with my family. Maybe I will give it another try when I arrive home before going to my observatory again.

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Thanks Dug.

I know the core is different :-) (I have the more common version too with a X redish, but I like this one more!)

Here my last version (I post only the 100% crop version). There are subtle differences (the sky, stars, etc).


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