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Lakeside Moonlite Focuser for MN190...

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...I tried to think of the most obnoxious way to brag about my newly received focuser from Ian King, and the best I could come up with was:

Shiny new black Moonlite motorised focuser with Lakeside control for an MN190 anybody? No? Just me then. :smiley:

I'm sure my bragging will bite me on the backside, and I'll have a problem fitting it or something, but I have to say, I already see what the fuss is about with Moonlite stuff. The engineering is beautiful.

Pictures will follow. I'll try to do installation shots.

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Very tempted!

HiTecAstro due to release some precision steppers for use with their FocusMaster controller. Haven't published any dates yet though on their site.

This will likely as not be my choice if date is next year for HTA.

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Very tempted!

Obviously, I've not had chance to try it in anger yet, but fitting it to the OTA was a breeze. Once you grit your teeth and take off the corrector glass, everything is straightforward. I just had to make sure I attached the curved adapter plates the right way around, since I wanted to put the focuser on "upside down", with the motor at the front of the scope.

I know it's a bit silly having a £900 scope with a £550 focuser stuck on it, but the way I saw it, the focuser I can use on any Newtonian I ever have in the future.

A change had to be made - the SkyWatcher one, good as it is, was struggling with the weight I was trying to attach to it.

Exeter, fatwoul.


Soggy Plymouth

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