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Perseid Meteor Shower 7-10-11

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With around 90 or so photos I took this morning only one of them had a Perseid Meteor. Even though Perseus is in the direction of the San Francisco International airport with a lot of LP I was still able to get a pretty good photo. I will try again the closer it gets to the 13th. Both photos are of the same meteor, the second is just cropped.

Target: Perseid Meteor Shower

Camera: Canon 1D Mark3 unmodded

subs: 1x15s light

Processing: Minor stretching in GIMP2



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Good catch Nick. What was you camera set at?

I've just spent about 2 hours on meteor watch. I saw a couple of Aquarids and about 6 or so Perseids including a real growler with smoke trail. I'm hoping a couple passed through the cameras FoV, alas the growler came hurtling through Cassiopeia as I was making an adjustment, so I totally missed that one, gardammit!

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Ah! You must have one of those HUGE cameras with the HUGE sensor in it then!

EDIT: Ah, I see your sig. now, A 1D. Makes all the difference I see.

I have a second hand 1000D, which is littered with hot pixels...

I managed to catch one, count them, ONE out of 170 odd shots! And a feint one at that.

I was set at 400 ISO, which wasn't really good enough. I have to adjust every shot just to start looking! Still, it's quiet at work just now.

Here's the crop:


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Make that two! At first I thought that this was another aircraft, except that its trail was too short for 20 seconds and it didn't appear on the shots before and after, which were only 4 seconds appart from this shot. Plus it is straight, and as I'm on a moving rig, only really fast things give straight lines here.


I'll be off to bed very early tonight I think, as I want to be up and at 'em by 02:00.

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I had posted this in the wrong forum earlier. Hello everyone, this pic I took lastnight, it was taken at 01:19. As we all know it was a cloudy night so I didn't expect anything at all. I just put my tripod and camera outside and pressed the button, I have touched it up in PS using only curves and levels. Camera was a Canon 450, lens was a Tamron 55-200


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Lucky people, the weather has no interest in playing it's part here.:smiley:

I'm curious to know if a lightning trigger would be sensitive to pick up the brighter meteors as they seem sensitive at times but I doubt it'd be all that successful.

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