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Looking to meet fellow astronomers in the MK area

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Hello everyone,

After becoming involved with amateur astronomy a good few months ago I've now come to realise that it is a solitary hobby. Whilst it's good to spend time on your own I'm keen to meet some fellow astronomers to view with in the MK area. I live in an apartment and therefore have to travel to be able to view. I've found a nice spot outside MK about 15 mins away which is quiet and relatively dark.

I'm yet to visit my local astro society but am hoping to this week so I guess there will be similarly minded people there too.

Anyway let me know if Antibes interested



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Know there is one at Milton Keynes and depending on where you are there is one at Bedford, Cambridge, St Neots and Letchworth.

Couple may be too far but as said depends on where in or what side of MK you are, also one of the further ones may be better or meet on a more convenient night.

That is about all I know of and most are to the east of you. Look up fedastro.org.uk and see what comes up under member societies also.

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Thanks guys. I live on the east side of MK so Bedford is a possibility. MK would be closer so I might head down there for a look. They meet on a Friday night.

Hoping for some clear skies


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