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Average Astronomer Age...

What age range do you fall between?  

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  1. 1. What age range do you fall between?

    • Aged 7 to 17 years...
    • Aged 18 to 27 years...
    • Aged 28 to 37 years...
    • Aged 38 to 47 years...
    • Aged 48 to 57 years...
    • Aged 58 to 67 years...
    • Aged 68 to 77 years...
    • Aged 78 to 87 years...
    • Aged 88 to 97 years...
    • Aged over 98 years...

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52......'Tis far better to be over the hill than under it Another interesting question would be how old were you when you first became interested in astronomy? 7 or 8 for me. Rob.

Chronological age = 52 In my mind = 18 In my wife's opinion = 12 In my kids' opinion = 102 Growing old is something you can nothing about, Growing up is entirely optional.

52, like so many about my age the interest in astronomy was a result of the Apollo missions.

39 as well, always been intrested in space/planets since a young boy but only really started to observe and had my first scope back in september last year, wish i started before really enjoying it.......when the clouds let me

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Been interested since I was about 12-13, but lost interest for a long time between 30 something and two years ago, (Even though I had an 8" Newt) mainly due to the dire seeing in London, didn't seem worth having a 'scope, tried photography too but this was pre-digital / stacking, and I got fed up with orange trannies.

Then a couple of years ago I tried a bit of digital photography, saw what a bit of stacking could do and it re-lit the fire. Now I've got a new 'scope and trying to beat the LP.

Will stop wittering now,


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61 birthdays, so I'm on the 'old' side of the mode - and probably the mean - in this poll. Ho hum.

I certainly got enthusiastic about things when I was still in single figures, though I was tearful at missing Arend-Roland in 1957 - which would have been my first comet. My dad told me, the next morning, he tried but couldn't rouse me. There were no further clear night opportunities. I've missed better comets since then, but seen a few...

I can still remember the days before sodium street lighting became the norm.... *sigh*

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69 and and really enjoy our hobby much more than when I first started 40 years ago.

We can do so many more things better scopes, better cameras and better results.

Also being retired I can lay in after being in the observatory most of the night

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