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Holiday snaps from SW France


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Hi folks, just got back from a family holiday in SW France. A kind family member offered to convey my widefield imaging rig by road, so I could fly out with the kids and still enjoy the dark skies. Here are the results:

Milky Way Core panoramic


Astrotrac TT320X-AG, modified Canon EOS20D, Leitz Summicron R 50mm/f2.0 at f2.8. Six panes, each 15x180s at ISO1600.



Astrotrac TT320X-AG, modified Canon EOS20D, Leitz Telyt 180mm APO at f4, 25x240s at ISO1600.

M24 and environs


Astrotrac TT320X-AG, modified Canon EOS20D, Leitz Telyt 180mm APO at f4, 24x240s at ISO1600.

Milky Way Fisheye



Astrotrac TT320X-AG, Modified Canon EOS20D, Samyang 8mm/f3.5 fisheye at f5.6, 1x480s at ISO1600, dark frame and hot pixel removal in Deep Sky Stacker.

Obligatory star trails





Canon EOS10D, Canon EOS20D, Samyang 8mm fisheye, Zenitar 16mm fisheye, ISO800, 30 second exposures combined in star trails

Meterorite in Draco


Canon EOS20D, Samyang 8mm/f3.5 fisheye at f3.5, Single 30 second exposure at ISO800

(Larger images on my Flickr page - see sig)

Only problem was the hours of darkness were midnight till five, so I was feeling pretty wrecked after five clear nights on the spin. Luckily my wife let me sleep after 10 most mornings. ;)

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Thanks for the kind comments all. I love my Astrotrac, a snap to set up and none of that pesky periodic error I used to get using the camera mounted on the GP. I did balk at the price for a few years but in hindsight it has had plenty use to justify the expenditure. The Samyang 8mm fisheye is also a very tidy lens for £200 bn, I believe Olly uses its 80mm cousin. My only regret is not renting a Sigma 4.5mm fisheye for the trip as there were more than enough opportunities to use it.

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