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Baader filter or clear glass

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Iam just having a canon 350d modified for imaging and not sure what to do about the replacement filter. Should I go for Baader filter or plain optical glass. The Baader filter is about £75 making it rather expensive after buying the 350d.

Hope you all can help .

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If you mod the camera by removing the internal filter and NOT replacing it, you'll get excellent performance in the Ha, and also full spectral coverage from around 380nm (UV) out into the NIR at 850nm. Ideal for spectroscopy! BUT the focus point changes and none of the standard camera lenses can be focused with the modified body.

If you just replace with a clear glass you get all the above benefits AND maintain focus for normal lenses.

To reduce the impact of the UV/IR on "normal" astrophotographs you need to add a UV-IR cut filter. This could be a 1.25" or 2" astro filter placed in the light path before the camera body.

The other option is to replace the built-in filter with a Baader type UV-IR cut filter.

This gives the good response in Ha and also maintains the focus position and obviously reduces the impact of UV-IR on "normal" images.


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Thanks for your help, would the cost of using clear glass plus UR-IR cut filter be around the same cost as using the Baader filter. I will be using the camera only for imaging and will be attached to my scope most of the time.

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