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What to view tomorrow night?

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Hello everyone,

Well I'm off to my friends house for a BBQ tomorrow night and am planning on taking my scope. They live in the middle of nowhere so there will get a good 360 fov but I haven't been out for a while due to poor weather and work commitments so I was wondering if anyone can suggest some objects to view? Hopefully I'll be able to see M13 in between the clouds.



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Well I made it out tonight. We started the BBQ with a brisk wind and a threatening sky overhead but to my joy the clouds cleared at about 2200 to reveal almost perfect clear skies. Amazing, given the forecast earlier. Just luck I guess. The only problem is that I didn't bring any trousers ( only shorts) so I got cold very quickly. Mistake! Anyway we managed to see m51 (faint smudge) m13 and m92 ( Pretty impressive) andromeda and the double star albieron. Thanks for the recommendations. I also saw an amazing shooting star that burned very very brightly and for a long time. Never seen one so bright. And there were loads of satellites. One of these was impressive, it was very faint and travelling extremely fast - I would say about 5 to 10 times faster than the ISS. Any ideas what this was?

I love looking at the night sky because I always see something different.

Now back in the warm with a beer. :-)


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