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IC1396 4/8/11


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4 hours of 4min subs on IC1396 over the last 2 nights.

Astronomiser modified Canon 1000D/WO FF-FR 0.8x II/SW LP filter/WO ZS66 Petzval.

DSI II/ST80/PHD guided on dual bar with HEQ5 Synscan Pro.

Stacked in DSS with 100 bias, 30 darks and 40 flats.

Processed in CS3, levels and curves and Noels Actions.


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Very nice and wide view.

Great star colour ;)

My only (very slight) criticism is that your diffraction spikes look a bit artificial as they are very sharp.

A good trick with diff spikes is the add them as a separate layer, then blur them a bit until they match the sort of clarity of the rest of the image. This then makes them look like 'real' diff spikes, and not software ones.

Do you have 'starspikes pro'?....If not, it's worth having as you have complete control of all aspects of the spikes in this, and it makes life very easy.



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