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Sorry about the clouds folks...

earth titan

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I've finally got the scope, the mount, the drives and the polar scope all working together. I've sussed out the EOS control software, played around with DSS and worked out how to take lights, darks, flats etc.

With everything connected tonight, on a proper run, I tracked M13 for around 30 minutes in the centre of a 9mm plossl. Good enough for the standard I want to achieve :rolleyes:

Or it would have been except for all the clouds..... ;)

What have I done to displease the weather gods? Do I need to sacrifice one of the hens (they do look worried)? Or just run round naked in the garden with a hazel twig clenched betweeen my ....... teeth?

That'll teach me to buy some kit......

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Clouds? What clouds ;)

Popped my head out of the window and the sky was gloriously clear. Went out and got my darkest SQM meter reading ever from Marlow - 20.1 (a second reading was 20.15, but I don't count the last digit)

A couple of minutes before I came in, at about 23:57 there was a spectacular meteor that shot through U. Maj's tail from Cas. Left an afterglow and had an orange-y look to it. Earlier there had been a few more - early Perseid's I expect.

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